Hi All

I need advice on sorting a fueling problem on my golf gti AGU motor.

Let me start with some of the history of the car.

2000 model gti
348 000 km (I know loads of mileage but until now has been solid as a rock)
Chipped with a unichip around 7 years ago

The car is hopping if that is the right word to use on low rpms. Once it picka up to 3000 rpm turbo kicks in and ahe bullets quite fast to red line.... not that i drive it that way.

I change the spark plugs, fuel pressure regulator.

I suspect the lambda sensor. Believe it or not I cant find one. VW wants nearly R4000 for it and pirate no one has. A mechanic told me that the car needs to be remapped. All of these come up at high costs though.

What are the things that I need to check that can remedy this. ... I cant bear my gti driving the way it is right now

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