I need some advice about the EGR valve on my golf.

It has broken down for the third time now - the second time it happened i had to get the AA out and they diagnosed it with a fault on the EGR valve. He managed to get the car started and it has been fine up until yesterday (it was about 2 weeks in between each breakdown). My car has only done 47k miles and i take it on a long journey at least once a week so it regularly gets a good blast down the motorway.

My car is still under warranty and the dealership i bought it from has agreed to get it repaired. the problem I'm having is that it won't start again and they expect me to get it to Croydon for them to repair it.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how i may be able to get the car started without having to remove the valve as I don't have much knowledge on mechanics...

Any help will be appreciated!