I live in the mountains of Colorado and the temperatures in the winter can get down to -10 to -20 F. I am looking for a reliable car that can get great gas mileage for work since I my job requires me to travel to a different location everyday, my traveling distance is between 600 to 800 miles a week. Really interested in the TDI but I have never owned a diesel vehicle, I am asking for anyone that lives in CO who might be able to give me the do's and don't of this particular car? I did do some research and one person stated that "if you don't have a garage to store it in every night this car is not for you" just how accurate is that? and last but not least if the 06 Jetta TDI is not the best choice for my living arrangement, what would you suggest for a person that is looking not to spend 500 dollars a month in gas?

Thank you,
CO Girl