About 4-5 kilometres from home, while the engine is warm but not hot, I had to accelerate to get out of the way of a semi coming up fast in one lane with the other lane filled with a slow moving travel trailer. As soon as I accelerated, the engine lost power, made loud banging noises, vibrated like crazy. This lasted about 5 seconds and was accompanied by huge amounts of white smoke from the exhaust. We were just missed by the semi as I suddenly lost power in front of him. Then the power came back and the engine ran smoothly, but seemed to lack usual power.
This is the third, but worst episode like this.
The service shop has had the car on their computer, says nothing shows abnormal and looks at me as though I'm making up the story.
The car is one owner, 100,000k and always serviced on time at our local VW dealership
Any ideas?? My wife and I are getting quite anxious about safety in the car
Thank you in advance for any input