I have had "issues", to put it politely, with my Tig Pano Sunroof (On its third in 20500 miles) and was told, incorrectly, by one dealer it wasn't covered on my VW extended warranty. So I was looking at an alternative. I checked out many different vehicles but found the DSG gearbox a very hard act to follow, so I thought I'd check out the Yeti. Yes I know it's part of the "group".
I was offered an extended test drive in a Yeti 2.0 170bhp DSG Outdoor Elegance.
I'm 6'7" and well built and thought it might be too small. Yes it's a bit smaller than the Tig but has loads of headroom and ample legroom.
I loved the fact it was about 8" or so shorter and had an amazing turning circle and looked more normal as Skoda have ditched the "bug eyes"
I found it very comfortable and being that bit lighter and more powerful than my 2.0 DSG 140 Tig 4 motion it was a flyer! The extra power made it more economical as I didn't have to press the accelerator so far down. I'm ex motor trade and many customers just get in a car and go off at high speed. I'm a believer in just driving it as I normally do as a fair comparison and open it up later on to see how it handles. I have to say it did well on all counts.
The ride was firmer but not excessively so and there were so many items as standard on it that were extra when I bought my Tig in 2013.
I think, for someone who wants a more compact vehicle, it ticks all the boxes except it didn't even have an option for ambient footwell illumination, which I desperately need as I have numb feet and sometimes need to see where they are!
There didn't seem to be as many storage areas as the Tig but really liked the "lid" on the dashboard "well" and the luggage hooks in the boot are far more useable than the little silver "pegs" in the Tig load area.
I was so smitten with the Yeti I ordered one but thought better of it as the sunroof warranty issue was resolved by the VW Warranty Dept. and to lose approx 12k+ in 18 months was not sensible. Perhaps in a year or two?