So apparently I have a leak somewhere... I have noticed this twice now.

First time was after some really heavy rain, I thought I had left a window open because of the amount of water that had got in. I had left a 30gallon garbage bag covering the seat (used so my grandmothers can slide in/out of the seat easier). When I removed the bag there was almost a gallon of water inside it. The bottom of the seat back cushion and rear of the bottom cushion were wet. The seat storage pocket on the back was wet and there was water on the floor behind the passenger seat and in my monster mat.

The second time, I know for a fact I didn't leave any windows open. No bag on the seat, it didn't rain as much, though the same areas were wet and there is water collected in the monster mat again.

I know there was a recall and/or class action lawsuit for this issue and that VW added a line to the maintenance schedule for cleaning the drains. I've had all my maintenance done at the dealer, even post warranty. Not sure if the drain cleaning was done, or if that is even the issue. I've read that there is a problem with the tubing itself in the roof where the glue used to seal one of the tubes evaporates and causes a leak.

What are the chances of the dealer covering some or all of the repair?