We are new at this forum and the only reason we found it was through Google searching "Tiguan Brake problems".

Our daughter drives a 2011 Tiguan with less than 40K miles and has experienced several brake failures within the last 12 months!! Few fender benders already, always in low speeds.
The car has been to VW dealership twice and they can't find anything wrong with it. took the car to a Brake shop as well and only thing they recommended was
to switch Front brake pads- so we did.
Issues with Brakes still continue today.
We saw similar problems with other VW owners. Has anyone found a solution yet?

How would we find out if there was ever a solution found to this issue?
We are ready to get rid of the car- BUT IT HAS ABOUT $4000 BODY DAMAGE!! So trade in value is in the toilet!!

Regards and thank you