New to the Club! so hey, uhm got an 04 vr6 gti. Past 6 months or so I have been getting a grinding kinda groggy noise from the engine bay. I don't feel like taking it to the shop and do all own work, but just cant pin point my issue. It sounds like maybe a pump is going out or something. also know that it sounds like it is in my pulley area? I reached down when off and seems tight and not loose, but notice when it is running it kind of has a tiny tiny tiny non circular motion when spinning the pulley (the bottom on passenger side) . drives normal, no loss of power, but the sound is ongoing whether start up or not. driving and pull up to a light it still sounds groggy. Just sounds unhealthy, even those it acts healthy. Any suggestions?

ps I can upload a video if needed to help me diagnose this sucker. Not much of a mechanic but handy and still learning bout these sweet vdubs.