Guys, looking for some advice.

My standard grey MK2 8v 5 door 160k miles has failed its MOT with some welding required to various seat belt anchorages. The MOT expires shortly and I am finally throwing in the towel. I used to have access to an underground carpark, but for the last 4 years the car has been left on the public road and that's no place for a 30 year old car now. It is in good condition really, and completely original. Welding is about the only thing I can't face getting done on it. I also have a new little boy and so I think it is time for a new old car.

Cut a long story short, how do I offer this to people that may want it? If I can't find anyone interested it is going to go to the scrappy for parts. This would be a shame as until the MOT failure, it was happy crusing in the outside lane here in the UK and I have not scrimped when it came to replacing new for old re parts. It even just had a new heater matrix done for £350.

Any ideas from fellow MK2 fans would be great, even if it is just to shift it to the scrappy for parts. Right now I'm thinking e-bay with full disclosure, but would love for it to go to a good home.