I have a 2012 CC R-Line, I am having some pretty crazy lighting problems. First, I had the warning saying my right side low beam headlight was out, then I started getting random light out warnings( side marker, fog, rear tail, third brake light, even license plate light). First light I replaced was the low beam light. Still doesn't work, switched to high beam, same side still out. I started checking all of my lights. The left front turn signal doesn't work, the right side high and low beam doesn't work. The left side front fog doesn't work. the left front side marker light doesn't work. None of the rear lights on the left side work, the ones on the rear quarter and trunk are out. I've tried reading up on what could be causing this problem with not a lot of luck. I've checked for fuses and everything. There have been two nights since this problem started when I used my remote to unlock my car that all of the lights came on, when I started the car those same lights that weren't working before went out again. This is very confusing because of the random places where these lights are out. I've read there are light control modules for some European cars but can't find any info on the Volkswagen CC. Can anyone help me? Thanks