Sorry i did browse the forums for an answer but couldnt find one(im new so could be looking wrong bit)

Im looking for alittle help on my Passat CC GT(2009,2.0TDI 140BHP,93k)

ive bought this car 2 months ago and coming from alittle golf mk5 gt tdi this is pure luxury as im getting old now and cant be done with a bone shaker,but when im driving at say 50-60mph i feel the car feels every bump in the road(motorway) evan when set as comfort mode,i cant really discribe it other then say a tiny chatter if that makes sense!!is this normal on these cars? since owning the car ive put 4 brand new tyres on,4 wheel alignment,tracking and evan had the lads in workshop(Volvo main dealer) check to see if anythings loose/faulty/broke......not a fault found and they say it in great condition underneath and been well looked after.

I have no knocking noise's,no vibration in floor/seats/peddles.The car just feels very hard on motorways(not enough to spoil the drive)....i live in the Uk and know the motorways are crap,am i just expecting this car to run like a brand new Rolls Royce because its a upgrade to my little golf,its a great car and otherwise drives amazing with all the gizmo's in!

Am i expecting too much from the car or is this the norm for CC's??

Any help would be gratefull for abit piece of mind