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  • Official VWOC House Thread! (H20i 2010)

    OK, here's the low down! For those of you who came to H20 last year, I'm sure you remember the house. We had the upstairs. Well this year VWOC takes over the WHOLE house!!! It's 2 stories, porch on the bottom floor, balcony on the top. Each story is it's own unit. So 2 units. Each unit will easily sleep 8 people. And 10 people in each would not be uncomfortable if a few people had air mattresses.

    This page is ONLY for the VWOC House at h20i 2010, and NOT a general discussion thread about h20i.

    DATES we are staying:

    Check In: Thursday September 23rd
    Check Out: Monday September 27th

    I've already talked to a few of you who are only staying Friday and Saturday nights. If you are staying less nights, then it will be cheaper for you than staying the entire time, SO...


    If you are staying all nights (thursday night-sunday night) then the price is $150 per person

    If you are staying 3 nights, it's $120 per person.

    I am NOT renting linens for the house! If you want to sleep on sheets, bring your own. If you want to dry yourself off after a shower, bring your own towel.

    Each unit has a full kitchen which is stocked with silverware, plates, glasses ect. However I don't do dishes on vacation. So I suggest we bring paper plates, plastic cups, and plasticware.


    Off street parking for EASILY 7, we can squeeze 8 or 9.
    Those of you remember that parking was awkward last year with a single lane driveway. However we will have the entire property this year, so we don't need to worry about someone from the other unit blocking us in. I think we can all communicate enough with each other to make sure that we aren't blocking people in. The yard and driveway can fit 8 or 9 cars. Yes, that's cramming them in there, but 1/2 the time we all rode together for stuff, so Those who don't plan on moving their car around much can park in the back. I didn't find on street parking to be unbearable, so I wouldn't call it an issue.

    Website of the property:

    Bottom Unit:
    Top Unit: (Parrot Lagoon's website is currently down, so I will post it here as soon as they have it back up. But ask anyone who went last year, it's some really nice digs!)

    Now, I know I've not been around here much lately because of my new job. So I don't want anyone who's new to the forum since I've gone MIA to not want to join in because they don't know me well. OR if you're a little new and you are unsure about this or shy.... COME! 2 years ago I was new to this forum and Kitty mentioned something about h20 and it sounded fun, so I decided to go even though I didn't know anyone very well. It was a Blast! Everyone is nice and easy to get along with! Except Tony... he talks too much. LOL! JK! I'm looking forward to meeting some new people at Thaw, and hopefully that will spark more people joining the house!

    And for those of you who don't know me... My name is Rusty. I'm a 26 year old guy who is laid back, nice, respectful, and just easy to get along with. Ask anyone who has met me, and they'll vouch for that.

    I'd like to see 20 people to the house! And if we get more people who want to go, I will organize another unit nearby! We had around 10 people staying in the unit last year, so I know 20 might be a stretch even... But Let's really promote this! And Although this is posted in the MKV forums because the other GTG threads are.... I'm throwing this out to any other model forum.

    I will be updating this post with info as it becomes available.

    For Payments, my PayPal is

    I don't need the money right away. BUT I do need some money for the deposit. If you are going and could get me a downpayment to help me on the deposit, I'd really appreciate it!!!! Even if it's just $20 or $100 or the total... it will help.

    Offical Meet and Greet Cookout!

    They have a grill on site, So I'll be grilling it up again this year!!! Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and BBQ Chicken. Or anything else anyone wants to bring for me to grill up! I will supply all the food for the cookout! And ask anyone who went last year... I don't under estimate on my food! It will be all you can eat.

    So when you think about it.... A sweet house in Ocean City, MD for 4 nights with off street parking and a free all you can eat cookout... AWESOME Deal! If you're planning on going to H20 and don't have a place to stay.... you do now. Stay at the VWOC House!!!

    If you have ANY questions about the VWOC House, please feel free to ask here.
    If you have a general question about H20 or other activities for H20... See the official H20 thread HERE

    Who's Going!

    Chris (Nitro)
    Emily (Nitro's fiance)
    Tony (Eternal)arkness)
    Mike (gofetch06)
    Mike (DonJuan1Jr)
    Greg (DUSlider)
    Kareem (rabbit69)

    DJ (DJ lol)
    Christina (BlackBunny09)
    John (BIGGREEK)

    We need MORE!!!!

    PM me or reply here to tell me if you MIGHT go or will go.

    To reply to this thread, Please go here:!-%28H20i-2010%29
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Official VWOC House Thread! (H20i 2010) started by russdawg24 View original post
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    1. nakona1's Avatar
      where is this? thanks
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