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    Dash Dilema - Finish Installation of the Cabbie Dash in my Mk1 GTI?

    Thread Starter: BluGTI

    Hey Folks, Need a sense check on the project on which I am about to embark... My 84 GTI had a cabbie dash installed. The speedo, tach, fuel...

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    Who is your favorite sports team?

    Thread Starter: SacKings

    Who are your heroes or shall I say heartbreakers?? :wave: 1.) Sacramento Kings 2.) Los Angeles Angels (of Anaheim)

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    2009 tiguan high pitch squeal

    Thread Starter: aeje234

    I have a 2009 VW Tiguan that we've had for about a year. Today I was out running some errands and on my way home this very HIGH PITCH sound started....

    john.biddlestone Yesterday, 09:10 PM Go to last post

    Feeling nostalgic...

    Thread Starter: steph746

    In 1994-1995 I traded in my 1984 silver Volkswagen Scirocco. Over the past couple of years especially, I have regretted that decision. I am trying...

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    2017 Jetta TSI Highline

    Thread Starter: aciduzzu

    I signed up for a new 2017 Jetta TSI Highline (deposit paid). The car is already at the dealership but I will not be able to pick it up for a while,...

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    Hello from NC

    Thread Starter: GFunk1127

    New guy here. Just purchased a 2014 Silver SE. Looking to get the most of out my new daily driver.

    crucifiedmusic Today, 03:26 PM Go to last post

    Hello! Check out my new sportwagen

    Thread Starter: Santiag

    Is this forum dead? KW V3s, 18" Alzors, roof-rack, and of course 5-speed ; )

    AutoX-FIB Today, 12:03 AM Go to last post
  • cupkake.luver - Pink, it was love at first sight

    Model: Rabbit
    Engine: 2.5
    Transmission: Manual
    Modifications: Nothing engine wise, Vinyl on hood, GTI front bumper, Halo headlights, smoked side markers and taillights, Pink and black emblems, shaved badges, Eibach springs, Pink interior trim, cupkake.luver vinyl...thats pretty much it.
    Anything Special about your car: Its unique...and thats what makes me love it.

    Since Cupkake.Luver loves pink, I thought it would be appropriate to get you in the (pink) mood with a little Aerosmith....

    Once I saw Stephen Tyler in the Bunny Ears, I knew I had to add it.

    VWOC: What is your real first name.
    cupkake.luver My real first name is Jennifer...which I absolutely hate. Not unique in any form. Haha. I'm pretty much set on ignoring the fact that I am a Jennifer.

    VWOC: Where are you from?
    cupkake.luver Everyone knows this I'm sure. I'm from Germany. Grew up there and have been living here for the last 6 years. I miss Christmas time though. =(....Und ja, Ich sprech Deutsch.

    VWOC: What's your favorite roadtrip in your area?
    cupkake.luver Oh....the causeway. It's a strip in Clearwater. . Over the bridge where we met up and take pics of the cars and just cruise and chill...maybe some racing here and there =D

    VWOC: What is your favorite thing about your car?
    cupkake.luver Favorite thing....Hmmmmm....I must say that even though the car isn't very fast, it is ALOT of fun to drive. Especially around corners. =)

    VWOC: What is your car's name. If it doesn't have one, what would you name it?
    cupkake.luver Sheronda. Lol. It's...out of the ordinary and makes people question how weird I am.

    VWOC: What VW Dealer did you buy your car from? Dealer name, City and State please.
    cupkake.luver I actually bought mine from Carmax. The car was originally in NC and I got it trasnferred here. Without even looking at a Rabbit ever. I found it on the site and was in love with it. It got here in 3 days and I went to pick it up. Carmax in Orlando, FL.

    VWOC: Do you service your car at that dealer or what dealer do you use if you don't?
    cupkake.luver I do my own oil changes. Too much of a hassle to drive an hour to take it to a dealer that takes 9384572098347 years to change the oil as I sit in the dealership and look at the R32 in the show room wishing it was sitting in my garage. Lol. If I do have to take my car to the dealer, I've taken it to VW and Mercedes of Lakeland. Their services are awful. So I now take my car to David Maus VW in Orlando. The people there are great.

    VWOC: What was your best McGuyver moment with your car?
    cupkake.luver Damn. None yet.

    VWOC: If you were a Volkswagen, which Volkswagen would you be and why?
    cupkake.luver At first I was thinking the CC. Then I realized, I don't want luxury. I want sport. So I would have to say R32. All wheel drive, leather, sunroof.... And the open road. All the fun I would have driving around. Yes, it may be heavy, but have you driven one?!

    VWOC: What color of Volkswagen would you be?
    cupkake.luver Candy white. I absolutely LOVE the color of my car. Wouldn't trade it for nothing.

    VWOC: What is your favorite food?
    cupkake.luver Does ice cream count?! Yummy yummy in my TUMMY!

    VWOC: What is your favorite drink?
    cupkake.luver Soda=Pepsi
    In general= PUBLIX raspberry sweet tea!

    VWOC: What are your three favorite movies?
    cupkake.luver Notebook (I'm a girl what do you expect?) .... The hangover. haha. hilarious movie. .... andddddd.... well. . . I'm not gonna lie, paranormal activity gave me the creeps.

    VWOC: What is the coolest thing you've seen for a car in the last year? Mods, electronics, etc.
    cupkake.luver Hood scope...NOT. I'm not sure. I'm very open minded. I don't like the whole TV in the seat thing. But I do like the fact that our DUBS look awesome slammed.

    VWOC: If you were a VW Salesperson, what three things would you say to someone thinking about buying a car like yours?
    cupkake.luver Gas mileage is awesome. Car is fun and compact. Manual is the best thing in the world. (No offense to anyone that drives an auto)

    VWOC: What 3 things do you wish you knew before you purchased your VW?
    cupkake.luver That the stupid vents would make all sorts of noises which causes you to ball up your fist and want to deck your center console.
    That buying a damn turbo kit was gonna cost you an arm and a leg.
    And that you need all sorts of crazy special tools to get anything done on the car.

    VWOC: If you could have a super power, what would it be and how would you use it?
    cupkake.luver I would totally want to become invisible when I wanted. Get to spy on people and just mess around. Randomly move things and make squirrel noises while their sleeping. Haha. Would be awesome.

    VWOC: If you won 10 million in a lottery, what is the first 3 things you would buy?
    cupkake.luver Cars, (<<< counts as one thing lol.) Parts to build the cars, anddddddd.... I'd give money to help research the cure for cancer.

    VWOC: What is one thing everyone should know about you?
    cupkake.luver I'm Jen. haha. I LOVE racing, drag, road, autox, anything car related. I'm not your typical girl, yes I get my nails done and dye my hair, but I'm not scared to get down and dirty and work on a car. I'd rather be at the track then at the mall. I would rather sit in the garage with the boys, drinking beers and talking car stuff, then go to the outlets with the girls and talk about how expensive a Gucci purse is. =D. What can I say, It's in my blood.

    VWOC: Tell us a little about your car and why it's special to you.
    cupkake.luver My car is me. Obviously no one else is going to do what I did. I love it. In every way. Although you are slow my dear Sheronda, you make me smile when I open the door to my garage and see you sitting there. =D

    VWOC: Anything Special about your car:
    cupkake.luver Its unique...and thats what makes me love it.

    VWOC: How does a german chick end up in Florida?
    cupkake.luver Well, long story short. My mom knew a little bit of English. She had got married to my step dad who is in the military. They fought like crazy so my mom decided to take a break. Instead of moving down the street or the next town over, she decided...lets try America. We lived in Gainesville, FL for a couple years. They got back together and he was stationed in Virginia. We dropped everything we had and moved up there....just to turn around and move right back to FL 5 months later. And yea...I'm the furthest away from the beach. haha. I didn't really choose the location. But I must say...when beach time rolls around, the mileage goes up on the bunny. =D

    VWOC: Tell us about your obsession with pink.
    cupkake.luver Obsession with pink... well haha this story is silly. When i was younger and the power rangers were cool, all the girls liked the pink one. I wanted to be different and said I liked the yellow one (which i absolutely hated deep inside) after a while I actually started liking yellow and hating pink cause I didn't want to be like every other female....Anyway when I moved to the states I realized, pink is a girl color. Its what most girls like. I may be manly when it comes to things BUT, I can love pink and still make it classy. Sooooo, my love for pink was back. haha. I wanted to make my car unique in every way possible.... and that's what I did. Now would I do my hair pink?.....No.

    VWOC: What is your favorite pink thing?
    cupkake.luver Pink Lily's

    VWOC: What would you paint pink if you could? (this can be anything from a mountain to a plane to one of the seven wonders of the world.)
    cupkake.luver Hmmm... the Statue of David. Simple yet so meaningful that everyone would freak out. Sorry America!

    VWOC: Being a "Pink" expert, How do you think Valentine's day and Pink relate to each other?
    cupkake.luver Well. Woman love love. That's why we throw up squirrel fingers and make squeakily noises when V Day approaches. Men aren't as mushy gushy as we are. Pink is a female color mainly. So, in conclusion, Pink and Valentine's Day is related.

    VWOC: Do you belong to a secret Pink Society? If you do, what's their secret hand shake?
    cupkake.luver Haha. Secret Pink Society?! Honestly no....but now that you mention it.... I haz teh idea in muh head! Secret handshake would be something along the lines of throwing up random fingers and doing a booty shake. =D

    VWOC: Do you prefer pastel pink or Hot Pink?
    cupkake.luver Depends on what on. If I painted a room it be pastel. Hot pink is more for the younger crowd. Although, I'd rather have a hot pink shirt then a pastel one. Makes you look washed out. ANNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDD I'd rather have hot pink font then pastel.

    VWOC: What VW would you love to see in pink?
    cupkake.luver None. I love pink but it makes me sick to my stomach when I see a pink car. Pink is a over bearing color. I like the pink accents I have on my car cuz its not outrageous. You have to be different but not outside your mind.

    cupkake.luver Story on how I got my car:
    I've had everything from a Mustang, 300zx, VR4, Corolla and Honda's. I was driving a 1992 Mazda 626 for about a year. I used to beat the hell out of the car cause I really didn't care about it. One day, completely randomly, I decided to put my car on craigslist, just to see if anyone in their right mind would buy it. Not even 10 mins after I posted, a lady calls me and says she wants to come by and look at it. She actually shows up that night. I was still living with my mom at the time who was like "Who the F*** is at the door?!" lol. I told her someone to look at the car. Lets just say my mom was not smiling as much as I was. ... So the lady takes the car, drives it around the block, and comes back and says " I want it". I looked at my mom who I know wanted to throw me into a shredding machine, and said "So?" . We talked for a min and of course she kept saying no. I reminded her that I was born first and that she was suppose to love me. After a while she agreed. We ended up selling the car for $2500. $1000 more than what I paid a year before. After that day I went online looking for a car. My mom kept saying to get a KIA cause its safe. I wanted to throw up on her computer so she would stop looking at them. I originally wanted a TC. (Thank you Volkswagen for saving me from that decision.) I then happened to stumble across my rabbit. Which I did...throw up the squirrel finger for. I even screamed in Chinese for a little. My mom said it was a safe car and its German so its the best in the world. I didn't care. It was a hatchback that wasn't a KIA. So i paid the transfer fee, since it was in NC. It got here in 3 days. I literally called my mom in those 3 days while I was at work, more than her minutes would allow. She turned her phone off and locked herself in her room so I'd quit bugging her. The weekend came and we went to Carmax. I took one look at the car and was like "Yeeeeeeeesssssssss!!!!" Then the guy at the dealership showed me the trunk feature and I was SOLD. I took it for a test drive and I think I made the Rep pee a little. Took my baby home, named her Sheronda, got her windows tinted, found ROC, and started Modding.

    Comments 19 Comments
    1. cupkake.luver's Avatar
      Haha...thanks Ken. Looks awesome.
    1. kitty's Avatar
      i have the same scurvy iphone case, lol.
    1. Esotericrr's Avatar
      Pics are neato. Tell me you're still not rolling around with one steelie though
    1. cupkake.luver's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by kitty View Post
      i have the same scurvy iphone case, lol.
      YAY! Its a small world. I have a "sticker" case on it give it some color...but the damn thing it so thin i always drop

      Quote Originally Posted by Esotericrr View Post
      Pics are neato. Tell me you're still not rolling around with one steelie though

      haha noooo....Not sure if you heard about me trying to FWD drift?

      Lets just say my wheel no longer can survive on the car.....

      So I'm rollin with 2 steelies in the front till the funds come in for new shoes.
    1. Esotericrr's Avatar
      haha noooo....Not sure if you heard about me trying to FWD drift?

      Lets just say my wheel no longer can survive on the car.....

      So I'm rollin with 2 steelies in the front till the funds come in for new shoes.[/QUOTE]

      Yep, I think everyone heard about the drifting fail. Precisely why I sent you that one link
    1. kitty's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by cupkake.luver View Post
      YAY! Its a small world. I have a "sticker" case on it give it some color...but the damn thing it so thin i always drop
      i have another julius one with hearts too. borders has awesome cases, my most recent one, i LOVE food with faces!

    1. cupkake.luver's Avatar
      YAY.... The food faces are awesome!!! I haz this....

    1. 2.5Loverr's Avatar
      The artical is amazing.. I totally agree with the whole pink as an accent color..Thats how it is in my car. You cant roll around lookin like you driving a bottle of pepto bismol. Which ive seen and made me want to vomit in my mouth lol
    1. Esotericrr's Avatar
      Me to, I have pink all over my car. I love it

      Jeez Jen, my boss was by my cube and I had to think twice about scrolling down the front page lol.

      This is cool, maybe once I get my car done to where I want it I'll submit my story.
    1. cupkake.luver's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by 2.5Loverr View Post
      The artical is amazing.. I totally agree with the whole pink as an accent color..Thats how it is in my car. You cant roll around lookin like you driving a bottle of pepto bismol. Which ive seen and made me want to vomit in my mouth lol
      Yea I've seen it plenty of times. My friends are like "JEN! a pink car!" I'm like "NO"

      Quote Originally Posted by Esotericrr View Post
      Jeez Jen, my boss was by my cube and I had to think twice about scrolling down the front page lol.

      This is cool, maybe once I get my car done to where I want it I'll submit my story.
      Haha why?! It is SFW...lolz.

      You was fun answering a million questions. =)
    1. cupkake.luver's Avatar
      Lol speaking of pink fail.... this is what i found a mcdonalds behind me. I love pink and all but THAT I cannot do.

    1. djwhiplash2001's Avatar
      There's a really classy pink new Caddy CTS that rolls around where I live. It actually looks great - it's a very light pink, like a candy pink sprayed thin over white. It's so light it almost makes you say "wait... was that car pink?". Looks really cool.
    1. Esotericrr's Avatar
      It's prolly a Mary K car then. I have seen some of those caddys that have the pearl white paint but with a touch of pink. Mary K baller status
    1. djwhiplash2001's Avatar
      Quite possibly. It looks good either way lol.
    1. kitty's Avatar
      i was just recently wondering how my car would look with a little candy pink on it. like so it still looked dark blue in the shade but when the sun hit it a little purpley pink shimmer. hmmmmm...
    1. 2.5Loverr's Avatar
      I think candy pink would look bad a$$.
    1. mlowmk5's Avatar
      You need to install a pink cotton candy machine in your trunk. Pimp yo Ride!! j/k
    1. cupkake.luver's Avatar
    1. ENRGZR's Avatar
      nice feature
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